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Winner Mut zur Wut

Winning poster for Mut zur wut (Courage to rage) festival. The Poster Festival aims to raise awareness for global and social issues and circumstances while loosening geographical and ideological boundaries. Having the final exhibition displayed in public space, the Festival is an encouragement to be brave and at the same time a provoking demand for attention.

About the Poster: Over 70 years ago the fundamental human rights was enshrined by the United Nations for every human being on the planet – Yet almost everywhere around the world, women and girls are still denied them, often simply because of their gender. Ranging from the right to live free from violence and discrimination – including domestic violence, sexual assault, forced marriage, trafficking and awful practices such as female genital mutilation. To the right to be educated; to own property; to vote; to run for office; to earn an equal wage.

Once a year “Mut zur Wut” transforms the public space to a scene of visual resistance. A niche of freedom in otherwise completely monitored and continuously controlled urban areas. The exhibition of the winning posters transforms the streets into a stage for art – an enormous public gallery, in which you are forced to see, think, get mentally and emotionally involved. The presentation of the posters in public space is a reconquest of urban space, that is threaten to degenerate into a dull and exchangeable advertising platform.


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