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Wheels & Waves


Wheels & Waves is the brainchild of Rikke Hansen but much it is much more than her. You could say it is a new way of organizing a collective of designers and educators who have commited themselves to seeing communication and development of the coming generations as two sides of the same coin.

Working together with sound designers, script writers and programmers linking the right people to the right project. We worked with Danish Music Award winners Hudna on their highly acclaimed first albumrelease.

We work on exhibition projects, and on devolping project related to ideageneration and graphic design.

Rikke is Vice Chairman at The Danish Book Craft Society. Board Member, Bienal del Cartel Bolivia BICeBé. Advisory Board Member, ODC - Odisha Design Council. 

She has been exhibiting and giving lectures & workshops internationally in Asia, the Middle East, South and North America.

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