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The great HUDNA

​The cool of coolest, Danish Music Award winning band HUDNA in the the most readed turkish newspaper in europe. Looking forward to do the next project together with this great band! Check them out on spotify, wimp or iTunes. DIVERSITY, GLOBALISATION, INCLUSION, INTEGRATION. This is what the sound of HUDNA is built out of. HUDNA is an example of how real difference becomes a precondition for development and in the perspective of the creative process a diversity of ideas becomes a diversity of opportunities. The band members come from three different religions, three different cultures and and three different backgrounds and this reality forms the roots of their work and the understanding that springs from it helps us create a solid foundation that can both bear and unite our differences. The challenge in this process is to include each musical element and integrate it into a complete sound picture that achieves another level of refinement and comprehension. Read more about HUDNA –

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