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My poster U.N Goal no. 5 – Gender Equality in El Paso, Texas

Posters Without Borders, Future Now! About United Nations Sustainable Goals goes to the streets of the City of El Paso, Texas. My poster U.N Goal no. 5 – Gender Equality is one of them. Thanks Posters Without Borders for inviting me.

The posters exhibited:

• Andrew Lewis from Canada

• Agnieszka Dajczac from Poland

• Sophia Shih from Taiwan

• Rikke Hansen from Denmark

• Eric Boelts from USA

• Craig Frazier from USA

• Frank Arbelo from Cuba/Bolivia

• Laura Llópiz from Cuba

• Antonio Castro H. from USA/MX

• Alain Flores from Mexico•

• Susana Machicao from Bolivia

• Dirk Fowler from USA

• Neville Brody from England

• Ronald Curchod from Switzerland/France

• Alice Drueding and Joe Scorsone from USA

• Ted Mauseth from USA

• Peter Javorik from Slovakia

• Erin Wright from USA


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