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20x20 Posters for Peace exhibition Danish Cultural Institute, Beijing

Since late autumn we have been planning to exhibit Pasaj Collaboratives "20x20 Posters for Peace" at the Danish Cultural Institute in Beijing.

As of the very tragic circumstances in Ukraine the Danish Institute diverted from their planned schedule and decided to make Peace the colour of their spring program.

Pasaj Collaborative was launched four years ago in recognition of United Nations Day for Peace and aims at showing how art and graphic design can speak to our hearts by conveying human passion for understanding towards a universal Peace. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”

In various configurations, "20x20 Posters for Peace" has been displayed in Iran, the United States, Mexico, and Denmark (september 2021) among other places. When it is exhibited in a new country, new artists are added to the collection. Hence the message of Peace is transformed from the perspective of each new location, with their specific cultural and historic connotations added. Yet when the posters are displayed side by side, the audience is confronted with one message regardless their individual origin, that of demand for Peace.

The Danish Cultural Institute in Beijing presents some 80 selected works by outstanding international designers including China and Denmark.


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