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In POOL Magazine, India

Honored to be published in The 100th issue of POOL Magazine, India.

POOL – a monthly design magazine published by Designindia and launched by INDI Design – explores the Indian design scene for fresh, promising talent and fresh perspective on the talent of some well-known figures.

The magazine takes the spotlight away from well-documented design work, over to innovative,causal, pioneering and sometimes experimental design; in effect becoming the platform showcasing & charting the constant paradigm shift in Indian design.

'100 Issues of Design in India' is a commemorative book celebrating the 100th issue of POOL Magazine. It is a collection of thought-provoking quotes on the challenges facing Indian Design today. With contributions from Dr. Naushad Forbes, Vikas Satwalekar, Aman Nath, Pradyumna Vyas, Subrata Bhowmick, Amardeep Behl, Shrikant Nivasarkar, Mahendra Patel, Achyut Palav, Bimal Mistry, Prof. Uday Athavankar, Anil Sinha, Giridher Katta, Pratap Bose, Darshan Gandhi, Amit Gulati, and many more established design practitioners and rising stars, this book offers unembellished views, wise guidance and inspiration to design professionals, students and enthusiasts.

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