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My paper published in Semiotics and Visual Communication IV: Myths of Today.

This week my paper "De-imagining myth possibilities through mechanisms from critical design" was published in Semiotics and Visual Communication IV: Myths of Today.

The book is Published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

The chapters in this book consist of selected papers which investigate the theme of ‘Myths Today’, paying homage to the notion of myth as defined by Roland Barthes in the late 1950’s which provided a theoretical framework under which daily habits, as well as consumer practices, can be examined as socially constructed signs, idealized through verbal narratives. While ‘myth is a type of speech’, it is also a type of image; typeface, cinema, photography, sports, online networks, politics, TV shows, sound, and fashion can all serve as groundwork for mythical discourses. Under this framework, the book explores myths today, in the context of global networks, globalisation, visuals and mass communication. The interdisciplinary nature of the book provides a platform for discussion and research, broadens the scope of semiotic and visual communication thinking, and challenges the boundaries of various disciplines.

Big thanks to Evripides Zantides and Sonia Weber.


ISBN: 1-0364-0548-6

ISBN13: 978-1-0364-0548-9

Release Date: 26th June 2024

Pages: 629

Price: £86.99


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