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Member of the International Poster Design Council BICeBé

Honored to be a part of the International Poster Design Council for BICeBé. A privilege to be among great designers from all over the world. Thanks to BICeBe and Susana Machicao that gave birth to such a fantastic initiative.

BICeBé has known since its inception that we owe ourselves to young people. They are the ones who have grown professionally with us, and nothing has been more rewarding than witnessing this process. For this reason, we have insisted on an open exchange space where great teachers interact with young people who, in the future, will provide new paths to the profession and the biennial.

Within the task, intention, and will to promote graphic design with the highest standards, a few months ago, a plan to form a new council that respects individuality, inclusive thinking, ethics, the value of the intellectual property was born. A plan where the good practice of the profession in all its disciplines will be highly valued.

Today we present the International Poster Design Council BICeBé and the founding members created in February 2020. We hope that this list of great professionals and friends, will grow over time:

Pekka Loiri | Finland

Lech Majewski | Poland

Serge Serov | Russia

Phil Risbeck | United States of America

Peter Mussfeldt | Ecuador

John Gravdahl | United States of America

Leo Lin | Taiwan

Niklaus Troxler | Switzerland

Helmut Langer | Germany

Felipe Taborda | Brazil

Gitte Kath | Denmark

Cedomir Kostovic | United States of America

Isidro Ferrer | Spain

Benito Cabañas | Mexico

Erich Brechbühl | Switzerland

Mehdi Saeedi | Iran / United States

Ejti Stih | Bolivia

Shino Suefusa | Japan

Julián Naranjo | Chile

Andrew Lewis | Canada

Alejandro Magallanes | Mexico

Roberto Varcárcel | Bolivia

Daisuke Kashiwa | Japan

Kiko Farkas | Brazil

Felipe Covarrubias | Mexico

Elizabeth Resnick | United States

Pepe Menéndez | Cuba

Tomoko Migayawa | Japan

Alain LeQuernec | France

Homa Delvaray | Iran

Agnieszka Ziemiszewska | Poland

Rubén Salinas | Bolivia

Alejandro Ros | Argentina

Santiago Pol | Venezuela

Krzysztof Ducki | Hungary

Peter Bankov | Czech Republic

Gustavo Wojciechowski | Uruguay

Ronald Curchod | France

Lonnie Ruiz | Nicaragua

Rikke Hansen | Denmark

Laze Tripkov | Macedonia

Antonio Castro | USA-Mexico

Celeste Prieto | Paraguay

Germán Montalvo | Mexico

Iwona Rypeść-Kostović | United States of America

Pablo Iturralde | Ecuador

Yossi Lemel | Israel

Anita Wasik | Poland

Erin Wright | United States of America

Belen Mena | Ecuador

Xu Wei | China

Eric Boelts | United States of America

Diego Bermúdez | Colombia

Loudes Zolezzi | Mexico

Fidel Sclavo | Uruguay

Joanna Górska | Poland

Jerzy Skakun | Poland

With the work of all of us who are on the organizational side, we will strive to remain as a strategic space bridging experiences and learning, an event generating heritage and culture, and the creative agenda for urban culture.

Thanks to all our community of designers and students, our family, the most valuable we have, and for whom we define our principles and actions of work and commitment.

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