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Working in Gambia this week

Working in Gambia this week. According to UNESCO, cultural diversity is a fact. Our World holds about 6000 communities and as many languages. Such diversity naturally leads to a diversity of visions, beliefs, practices and expressions that deserve equal respect and dignity.

Our Design Schools in Hojer has made a partnership with Benevolent Technical Senior Secondary School in Gambia. A project between the schools on cultural xchange amd knowledge sharing.

This week, together with a team of Danish students from Hojer Design School, we are in Banjul to visit and work with Gambian students. We are going to learn about gambian culture and attending classes and courses.

Benevolent school supports intelligent poor students by giving them a highschool education while the school seeks to find a solution to youth unemployment in Gambia by combining their academic curriculum with a craft-based training.

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