Together with 16 danish designers and artists. I was invited to make a poster to create awareness about United Nations Sustainable Goals 2030. My poster is goal nr. 3 – Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.


More about the project:

Responding to the initiative taken by Chora Connection - a Denmark-based charitable organization promoting sustainability - seventeen Danish designers have created posters featuring, one-by-one, the 17 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS, which all United Nations member countries must strive to achieve by year 2030.

With the purpose of promoting the 17 recently established UN goals for global sustainable development, as well as, generally communicating the ideas of sustainability to the Danes, the whole poster collection has just been launched, and is soon to be exhibited in Copenhagen’s Design Museum, and later in the Poster Museum of Aarhus.

One among the contributors, Mervyn Kurlansky – the presently Denmark-based graphic designer of Pentagram fame - has been coordinating the project on behalf of Chora Connection.


POD – Print on Demand, digital print

U.N Sustainable Goal No. 3 – Health & Well-being

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