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Poster for United Nations sustainable goals 2030

I am very honored to be invited to make a poster for one of United Nations sustainable development goals 2030 – the posters will run on auction until December 20. The income will contribute to improve education at Red Cross Asylum centers. Posters by: Jan Grarup, Finn Nygaard, Rikke Hansen, Lene Rose, Majbrit Linnebjerg, Henrik Kubel, Bo Linnemann, Kim Meyer Andersen, Johan Adam Linneballe, Susse Fischer, Rasmus Koch, E-types, Gitte Kath, Per Arnoldi, Peter Gyllan, Mervyn Kurlansky, Torben Skov

Read more about the project at Chora Connection —

The posters are also exhibited at Rene Warners Posterpage

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